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We offer knowledge and authentic learning, not unrealistic promises of easy returns. In other words, you can be assured there’s no BS here.

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Learn how to secure, use, buy, sell and trade Cryptocurrency with step by step video courses and accompanying live walkthroughs.

We have a wide range of trading courses for all levels; Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.

Taught by professional traders.

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We will bring you from complete beginner to executing your first trade

What You'll Learn

What are cryptocurrencies and the blockchain

How to secure bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

How to buy crypto from Bitcoin ATMs or exchanges

Managing risk when trading

Market scanning

What is support and resistance and how to find them

Trade setups, entry and exit points

Understanding fundamental analysis

How to short-sell a crypto

Algorithmic or “bot” trading

Cryptocurrency terminology

Different types of wallets and how to set them up

Different types of trading strategies

Technical analysis and chart patterns

Importance of volume and volatility

Indicators, overlays and other advanced technical analysis

Creating a diversified portfolio

Successful trading strategies

Trading futures, options and swaps

Buying and selling using margin / leverage

What our students say

Tracey Smith
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Extremely value packed for the price! Super easy to understand & offers a wide variety of techniques to choose from. I will be reviewing these lessons often until they are habit:) Thanks Suppoman!!
Phil Lee
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Thank you for all the valuable information and well done on putting this course in the right order which made it easy for us to learn. Thank you for the positive vibe and great energy while recording the lectures.
Robert Utter
Read More
Interesting course on cryptocurrency trading. The instructor is passionate about the topic and offers plenty of good advice. Take the knowledge you gain and have fun trading intelligently in the crypto space.

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